Watercolor with a hint of Chinese 這麼一點點的中國風味

My oldest uncle saw that I have been experimenting with watercolor so he told me that his children were taught to do watercolor with Chinese influence. Of course I immediately asked to see their works. Because my cousins are much older then me and live in a different country growing up I have no idea about their up bringing. So for the first time I got a glimpse of their talent!

below are two paintings done by them when they were 12 and 13 years old, which in my opinion are much more skillfully done and poetic then my current skill level.  
發現我正在學習使用水彩後, 我的大舅舅跟我分享他兩個孩子小時候畫的帶有中國韻味的水彩畫.下面的照片是我表姐表哥十二,三歲時畫的.不僅技術比我現在的能力好又充滿詩意. 我相當佩服!


These remind me of one of the greatest artists Disney Studios ever had, Tyrus Wong
這兩幅美麗的中國風水彩畫讓我想起迪士尼動畫公司其中一名傳奇大師, 黃齊耀



Of course Tyrus Wong is a legendary artist that my cousins cannot compare, but the combination of Chinese and Western art instantly grabs my attention. 

below are some of the few pieces done by Tyrus Wong, whom, you may have guessed, was the concept artist for Bambi. 

當然我的表姐表哥的成度不能跟傳奇大師相比,但是中西合並的藝術繞我心弦 下面幾幅畫出自黃齊燿大師. 也許光看這幾幅畫讓你想起小鹿斑比….你猜對啦!黃齊耀大師就是經典動畫小鹿斑比的概念藝術家!


After seeing my cousins artworks they did when they were little, and re-familier myself with Tyrus Wong’s art I was reminded my desire of combining two cultures again.  
看到親戚的畫作跟回顧黃齊耀大師的作品後讓我再次被提醒我真正的期望. 把我成長環境的台灣(中國)文化跟美國(西方)文融合在一起

In my expereince with Chinese paintings, or rather I should say the ones I love, usually are more of an imagery of a subject then a photorealism.

Imagery is what I desire to produce.充滿夢境跟非真實的藝術就是我想創作的

Like Tyrus Wong, I am Taiwanese(Chinese)-American. I have two cultures in me that I respect and are equality important to me. And somehow along of my life in the States for 10 years I often forgot the other half of me, that I am of Chinese decent and did grew up in Taiwan up until I was 18.

我是名擁有雙重文化的美國台灣人 但不知為何在過去十年成長的道路上我常遺忘掉我台灣(中國)的那一半  可能害怕不被接受吧? 但事實是我成長在台灣到十八歲那一年.我不能也無法遺忘我台灣的文化….所以是時候不斷提醒自己要為我的雙重文化感到驕傲跟喜愛

Art is a continus process of exploring, practicing and finding myself. 藝術是個讓藝術家不斷成長而且找到自我的工具


This is where I am now with watercolor, it is a bit too controlled and careful. This might be a reflection of who I am underneath my free-spirited exterior. And I pray as I grow in my experience with watercolor, my arts will reflects who I want to be…a proud Taiwanese(Chinese)-American who is genuinely free spirited, sensitive and full of raw emotions.. as I don’t dare to be in real life. (Adulthood requires a lot of responsibilities after all)

我目前的能力跟畫作方式非常的刻意跟拘束. 也許在我放當不羈的表面上我其實是個比想像中還要警慎的人. 我祈禱,在我水彩進步的同時我能夠顯現我想要成為的人. 一位對自己中西文化同時感到驕傲的藝術家 並展現出真正開懷, 敏感又不修邊幅的情感


IMG_20181008_0001 copy.jpg

Do you come from a background with multiple cultures? if you are, let me know what they are!