New Gig!

Hello guys, Stephanie here.

As some of you might know…I GOT A GIG with a Japanese company!

I will be the illustrator of this Japanese company, called Beauty Upgrade, that produces online magazines for Taiwanese young adults!

Below is the link to their beautiful website.  I will to be one of the contributors to its elegance.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 7.24.21 PM.png

The online magazine mainly talks about beauty products, fashion food and entertainment. My job is to do illustrations for one of their writers, Alice, who writes about “Imperfect Ladies”.

As I was reading through her proposal, I realized her description of an “Imperfect Lady” is very relatable to me. It will be like drawing my own day-to-day life!

A few days ago I gave Alice a few sketches of what I have drawn based on her proposal, and her feedback made me happy:

“your concept is really entertaining, especially the characters who look very happy. My original imagery of these “Imperfect Ladies” would be a bit more lonely, etc. but I really like your concepts!”

This is all I can tell you for now, but more info to come in the future!