Favorite Sketches I did in Europe

While I was traveling in Europe I figured out a new method to sketch people that I really enjoyed. 

Sketch with red pencil first and make everything as simple as possible but keep the subject interesting. Then use ink brush to make them more lively by the variety of strokes and the shape of lines. 


I was traveling in Europe over the summer with one of my girlfriends. I already know she is a completely different person from me both in characters and life style prior to the trip. What make this understanding even more solid was during my two weeks traveling with her.

There was a lot of down time on the trains to attractions and often I would be sleeping, sketching or reading. I was always doing something that I would feel productive. Then there was my friend, she couldn't fall asleep as easy as I could and she doesn't draw, so she just sit  most of the time. 

To be fair, I did sit and enjoyed the view as well, but just not for hours like she did. 

I finally asked her "why do you just sit there?"

She replied, "It looks like I am just doing nothing, right?"

"Hell yeah!" thought I,  but then I had to make peace in my mind for she is the type of person who is always thinking and pondering something up in her head... and I think that is doing something.


It has been six weeks since I traveled with her and I still cannot get over how slow the pace of her life was during the trip. And I discussed it with our mutual friends and also herself, and this time she said to me: " I was just resting." 

" I AM peaceful and rested when I am drawing and painting", I responded

"Maybe that's the only resting you know." , she replied.

In my own defense...There are plenty of artists in the industry who draw continuously...even during red light while driving!
And I once heard

"it is not a talent to draw it is an illness to need to keep drawing no matter what." 


I am not that sick and I do think it is a God given talent to want to draw.

It is a journey to figure out what is the right thing to do to live a healthier life. I don't draw endlessly as some but I probably do work harder then some others; and rely too much on my own skill then God's plan. I do however, need to remind myself that as long as I am healthy both phsycially and mentally I might be on the right path closer to God.