I had been slightly more busy last week since it was my BIRTHDAY WEEK!  Yup, now it is over, it is another year of looking forward and improve oneself to become a better person.


I was slightly more busy then usual but none the less, slaking off too much is not good for myself-esteem.  

I have been processing through a story the last couple months. The story is not complete..I doubt I would complete the story actually. More often when I read a story I enjoy parts of it instead of the whole story itself. So I think, similarly, when I illustrate, I often enjoy capturing little moments. They can absolutely do nothing to effect the whole plot of a story… they can be meaning less but a simple expression of a character would give or body language could spark my interest.

Here is a picture of experimenting with watercolor and color pencil. This is only on a sketch book but the goal is to do excerices and discovering methods that eventually I can present in a finished illustration. Most importantly, developing patient. Rome is not build in one day and I cannot expect myself to instantly create a fully rendered watercolor painting with out equire skills first. Each stroke that was and will be put down on this page is a learning experience.

What do you do daily or often to become better at what you do (in any field)? Do you enjoy it? Leave a comment!

Have a great rest of the week, friends!