The little frustrated boy 自信受挫折的男孩

As many of you may have known that I am currently working as a live-in nanny to pay my bills. There are three kids I take care of and the middle kid is a boy.


Some mornings ago he was practicing on the piano I could hear the method he used was not productive. After 15 mins of practicing in an unproductive manner he ended up in frustration and tears.

When I walked out of my room I saw the boy was sobbing and his dad was comforting him. The boy was crying over not having enough time to prepare for the talent show at school. Then the family was comforting him by telling him that they don’t expect him to play extraordinarily good but to do his best.  Then, due to the time constraint I had to bring the sobbing boy to school.


While his older sister was trying to comfort him in the car…as much as I wanted to stay uninvolved due to his negative experience practicing piano with me..…I realized I had to say something to encourage him…not only because his sister just said something really unhelpful unintentionally..but most importantly…what the little boy was going through at that moment was what I have been experiencing for the past 5+ years.


He expected himself to be better but the outcome showed other-wise



So here is the essence of what I said to him.

” I understand you expected yourself to be a better pianist then where you are now. It is okay that you are not where you want to be but it is most important that you keep practicing…then eventually you will be better before you know it!”

Of course I did elaborate more than a couple of sentences and let him know what I said to him is from personal experiences. The kid sees me draw every single day so I told him I have drawn past 10,000 hrs and I am still not where I want to be, in fact I am quite frustrated. Everyday I expect myself to be better but I fail too. But that’s okay, because every line I put down counts.


What the boy went through that day hit closer to home then he knew…