Flower and Dew

Once again I have been slight more busy the past half week and will be for the continual week to come do to some changes of schedule as a live-in nanny. Everything will be back to normal soon enough :D

However, let’s not allow business stop me from drawing on a regular basis.

Even though I have fewer time and generally a bit more stressed through out the day…Some how these make my free time a lot more precious! So I made sure I focus better when I was drawing. I have been working on a personal project that I started while I was traveling during the summer. My goal is to finished a series of illustrations base on the two characters, Flower and Dew, in watercolors. And hopefully I’ll be able to finished them by December in time for a Raw Artist event that will be held in Sacramento.

In the beginning I wanted Flower to be more handsome like the actor of Superman, Henry Cavill. Ah, Henry, even the name sounds wonderfully traditional and classy. (Chill, Steph, it’s not about how handsome Henry Cavill is…)….And of course let’s not forget about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor…(coughing embarassedly)

Then I gave some thought to the story I have in mind and realized …it is really not about having handsome characters but the story of how the Flower and Dew meet. Any how,  as much as I like me some handsome bloke staying true to the story is slightly more important…just slight though, lol.

After some trial on error I finally came to this  sketch of the slight less conventionally pretty couple .


Yes, they are naked… I just realized I forgot to draw his pi-pi …..I’ll make sure I do that in the future. It is only fair that I draw his thing when I already drew her boobies. Equality, right? lol, I thought it is more funny to show everything then pretend they don’t exist…as if babies grow from cabbages or delivered by storks…

Have a great rest of the week, friends :D