Stephanie Lin is a Taiwanese artist who grew up in a society that sees art talent as an useless skill. At the age of 18 she moved to the States for high school and realized that she was neither uneducated nor unintelligent; she is simply a born artist. Stephanie graduated high school and felt lost. Her mother asked a simple question that opened the world of possibility: “You always love drawing and you watch a lot of animations… there must be a school for animation, right? ” After the enlightenment, Stephanie attended Ex’pression College for Digital Arts and had her first exposure to the production pipeline in the animation and game industries. After graduated she college. Stephanie became a freelance artist for both mobile games and children’s book illustrations. She did whatever she could to earn a living while becoming a well-rounded person. She was an intern at a church of 10,000 people which required dedication, perseverance and communications. Now apart from being a live-in nanny to 3 kids she also does freelance work for children’s books. To officially work in a studio environment and gain more experience as an artist is Stephanie’s dream. She is eager to learn and is a team player in all situations. Most importantly, her geniality and light-hearted personality bring life to the people around her.


 Based in Northern California. She has worked with Tulip Game Inc. Steel Wool Studios and Zombie Smith. She also illustrated children's news paper in Hong Kong for two years.


For freelance or say hi, email Stephanie at: stephshinhualin@gmail.com

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